Who in the Wide World is Alex Lloyd?

After a couple of years working in a typesetting firm as a finished artist (think drafting boards, set squares and bull gum) in Wellington, NZ, then a few years as a copywriter and ad designer for the Marlborough Express newspaper in Blenheim, NZ I finally set up shop as a freelance designer from home. That was 1992 and now some umpteen years later, I’m still flat out working every hour under the sun and lovin’ it – mostly. Now my wife and I have three children that we are homeschooling while I have now progressed to a separate office – that’s a full 10 second walk from home. No getting stuck in the traffic on my way to the office, unless you consider tripping over the kid’s bikes and scooters traffic. I love the branding process and creating new identities – it’s my greatest work pleasure. Along with a heap of wine label design work, brochures, business collateral and a bunch of other things too many to mention.

That's me. The shirt is by Q Brand Agency in Christchurch... they know their stuff.

That's me. The shirt is by Q Brand Agency in Christchurch... they know their stuff.

Seen in:

– Get Noticed. Self-Promotion for Creative Professionals (Northlight)
– Step-by-Step Graphics (Vol 13, No 6 and Vol 15, No 1)
– Letterhead & Logo Design 7 (Rockport)
– Letterhead & Logo Design 8 (Rockport)
– Letterhead & Logo Design 9 (Rockport)
– Letterhead & Logo Design 10 (Rockport)
– Idea Revolution (HOW Design Books)
– Identity Solutions: How to Create Effective Brands (HOW Design Books)
– Colossal Design (HOW Design Books)
– The Art of Promotion: Creating Distinction Through Innovative Production Techniques (Rockport)
– Best of Business Card Design 6 (Rockport)
– Best of Business Card Design 7 (Rockport)
– Best of Business Card Design 8 (Rockport)
– Best of Brochure Design 8 (Rockport)
– Brochures: Making a Strong Impression (Rockport)
– 1000 Greetings (Rockport)
– 1000 Graphic Elements: Details for Distinctive Designs (Rockport)
– 1000 Bags, Tags and Labels (Rockport)
– 1000 Retail Graphics (Rockport)
– Touch This: Graphic Design That Feels Good (Rockport)
– Fantastic Folders and Exceptional Envelopes (Rockport)
– The Little Book of Big Promotions (Rockport)
– Design Matters//LOGOS 01 (Rockport)
– Design Matters// BROCHURES 01(Rockport)
– Business Graphics (Rockport)
– Mastering Materials, Bindings and Finishes (Rockport)
– KAK Magazine (Rus) 2007
– Design for Special Events (Rockport)
– Really Good Logos Explained (Rockport)
– Displayed at Indiana State University Graphic Design Programme


20 responses to “Who in the Wide World is Alex Lloyd?

  1. bigal67

    I sent an email with rates etc in response to your first comment – but it sounds as if you didn’t receive it. I have emailed it again to jessica@emarketsouth.com I will check my email over the weekend so let me know if it gets through to you. Bye for now.

  2. Egle

    Our company is interested in logo Nature Walks at logopond.com. Is it possible to buy it?

    Thank you in advance.


  3. Hi Alex

    Long time between innings eh
    How are you?
    Hope life is treating you well..
    Can you let me know ur email address please, I’d like to get in contact


  4. Hi Alex,
    I can’t find an email address for you but I would like to offer you a Dribbble invite (if you want it) as I’m a big fan of your work!
    Sean (aka, fogra)

  5. Alessandro

    Hello Alex,

    I just need to leave a note and say that I’m absolutely inspired not just by your finished work but the process as well. I found out about it through those Rockport design books.

  6. Peter Carr

    Hi Alex
    Enjoyed your work on ‘logopond’ and particularly ‘Nature Walks’. But I see someone else has also been asking about that particular logo (a few years ago now).
    Is it still available? (Prefer all blue on white – no green)
    Can you send me pricing details please?

    Had probs finding how to contact you…!

    Peter Carr
    Wales UK

    • bigal67

      Peter – thanks for your kind comments and for looking in on my work. Much appreciated. That Nature Walks identity is still available for purchase if you’re interested. The crowd who contacted me in 2009 didn’t proceed with purchase. I will email you direct to discuss further. Regards Alex Lloyd

  7. Markus

    Hi Alex, how would I be able to contact you by email? Thanks.

  8. Hey dude! I love your design style and I love the fact that you are a fellow kiwi! Like Alex asked above … do you have a contact email? Maybe you could drop me a line sometime … seems like you and I have some life-parallels. It would be cool to catch up some time.

    cheers Alex

  9. Doh! I mean like “Markus” asked above … maybe it’s time for me to turn in for the evening 🙂

  10. Hi,
    I am interested in purchasing The Stitching Post logo you have on logo pond.com. Is it available for sale?

    • bigal67

      Thanks for your interest in the Sewing Post logo, but unfortunately I have another client that will most likely be adapting that concept for their new venture. If it comes to nothing and it becomes available, I will let you know, although the name would have to change. All the best,
      Alex Lloyd

  11. Thanks anyway, but The Stitching Post is the name of our business

  12. Hi,

    I love your work and have seen it many a time in various books in the states. One of then being the letterhead and logo design. I am currently traveling New Zealand before going to study graphic design in the UK. I just thought I’d try my luck and see if you were able to give me a taste for design and show me the work you do. Plus if you needed help with anything. Even if its pouring coffee. I have time to play with so how long or little is up to you.
    I hope we can arrange something and I look forward to hearing your reply. And please explore my website showcasing my various artwork and design projects.


  13. mffcompost

    Hi Alex!

    My name is Merrill Johnson and I live in Carbondale, Colorado. I am a bachelors student in Sustainable Studies and I came across your work for a project that I am doing. I would love to talk with you more about the specifics … the picture that I am relating to is Aunt Flo by BigAl67!!! It is my hope and dream to create a organization based around empowering women and promoting the use of reusable menstural solutions!! I loved your picture and would truly love to speak with you about it and the oppotunities for use and collaboration. I was inspired reading about you and your projects with your local hospice and abortion issues. I would love to speak with you as soon as you have the opportunity. My email is merrill.johnson89@gmail.com. I look forward to getting in touch with you and talking about the opportunities, your work, my ideas, and seeing if we can make something amazing!

    Merrill Johnson

    ps. do you by any chance know a Kara Klein? She moved from here to New Zealand about 2 years ago. I used to ride horses with her.

    Thanks for your time!

  14. Sohail Syed

    Hello Alex,

    Our company is interested in logo Rose Agricultural at logopond.com. Is it possible to buy it?

    Thank you in advance.
    Sohail Syed

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