Another Year Rolls By

As we draw near to the end of yet another year, it’s dawned on me that my blog posting has not improved at all in the past 12 months. It would be fair to say I am not much of a diary keeper. There’s just so much to get on with without writing about it! Which is a pretty pathetic excuse, I know. But the realisation that it’s been over a year since my last post – which was not even close to work related – has spurred me to make at least a token gesture about uploading some of the work completed in the studio this year.

Anyway, as you’ll see below things have been pretty busy here this year. Yet more identities, brochures and packaging – the stuff that really gets my creative juices flowing. And, Lord willing, there’s more where these came from in 2017. Hard to believe it’s been nearly a quarter century since Lloyd’s Graphic Design – now going by the name Lloyd Creative – first opened its doors. That’s a lot of logos if you’re interested.

As for the coming year, I’ll make no promises about maintaining a more regular presence with my blogs. But this one thing I know, as long as the Lord gives me breath and there’s still a family to provide for, I’ll be here doing what I love for a living. And with the state the world’s in now, that’s a lot to be thankful for.


Sumptuous botanical illustrations serve as the backdrop for this boutique wine label, made from grapes grown in, you guessed it, Orchard Lane, Marlborough. A sense of history and style are hallmarks of this small volume wine.


Four years on from the original Marlborough Pinot Noir Safari, the organisers were again wanting to showcase the best of Marlborough Pinot to their guests. It was decided to maintain the traditional theme from the first edition with its aged leather effect and vintage typography.


The 2016 end of year promo from our studio this year features illustrations by my daughter Johanna. A set of 6 greeting cards each with a large calligraphic gold foil word were created. The images also formed the backdrop to the cover of the end of year work summary shown here.


Prisma Print had an established reputation for custom, limited print run, book production and was seeking to reinvigorate their brand in the market place, The resulting multi-coloured identity conveys a sense of dynamics, creativity and progress.


A new foundation was created to financially assist the Mistletoe Bay eco village in the Marlborough Sounds. The final brand symbolised both the helping hand the foundation offered and the native wood pigeon that call the Marlborough Sounds home.


Nelson companym Natural Landscape Restoration were wishing to present a vibrant, professional image to the market. The final design conveyed a deep sense of their commitment to the environment and modern approach to each project.


Streamtime was holding its annual team building get together in Sydney this year. After intensive brain storming with the CEO, the Soultime theme was established with a multitude of supporting collateral carrying the branding.


Local dentist Andrea Koorey was looking to rebrand her practice after establishing a solid reputation for excellence over many years. A strong, symbolic icon was the resulting identity.


Neil Hunt had an established reputation for quality building services in Marlborough and required an identity that reflected the professional, creative approach that he brings to every project.


Heather Jameson was looking for something a little out of the ordinary for her boutique range of teas. The name itself was quirky enough which found visual expression in a customised logotype and suitably quirky illustrations.


As a new service for landowners in Marlborough, targeted at the grape growing industry, the naming and branding of Vinaero gave the company an established identity that was professional, meaningful and memorable.


Simplicity and clarity – two of the distinguishing characteristics of the Daneunder Workwear brand, an identity that clearly references both its Danish and Kiwi connections.


The fledgling Marlborough Water Polo Club was seeking an identity that would convey a sense of place and action… Polo (Pelorus) Jack was the result.


When approached by Teamworks Pacific on behalf of Firestone / Bridgestone NZ to create an infographic outlining the broad range of tyres they supply and the specific details on each, it was decided to look at the rubber tree as a basis. The resulting graphic succinctly and graphically conveyed a lot of information with clarity and in a meaningful and memorable way.



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  1. Dmitri

    Hi Alex, I’d like to contact you regarding several important questions about your work. Looking forward to your reply. Cheers, Dmitri.

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