Adobe Robbery

Sorry – just had to make some sort of statement re the recent news that I’m sure we all loved to get… Adobe now moving to subscription only model. Sure, lots of other companies are doing it, great business model, blah, blah , blah… bottom line is, it sucks. For those of us who would carefully gauge when we’d do the upgrade to the latest version, sometimes skipping one or versions to keep our running costs lower – well, that choice will now be gone. It’s either join the monthly direct debit crowd or go without. Not a happy camper here I’m afraid. And what makes it stick even more in my throat, is that fact that I was one of the dinosaurs who put off migrating from Freehand to Illustrator for a VERY long time. And the reason I had to move in the end? Yes – that’s right, our friends at Adobe bought Freehand, killed it and forced those of us who made our living with it to move to Illustrator. And I had come to terms with it, just. But now this? Aaaarrrgghhh. Imagine telling my dad who is a retired builder, that he can keep using his hammer to build houses just as long as he pays the people who made the hammer every month for the rest of his life! Sure they’ll send out a slightly improved hammer now and then, but essentially it’ll still only hit nails. Nuts right? But let’s not take this lying down… sign the petition for what it’s worth 
Who knows – maybe there’s chance we can get some compromise on this whole deal and make it an option rather than mandatory.Image


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