Apple – What’s Going On?

Ironic just hours after posting about the number of Apple products that fill my day round here that I should be now posing the question… What is going ON at Apple? My phone just did its automatic upgrade to iOS6 and boy was that a mistake. Gone is a map app that you could actually use, so long to YouTube as an app and what’s the deal with the rudimentary keypad for the phone? Looks like something that would have been thrown out early on in development of the original iPhone. But seriously, the dumping of Google maps? I understand that companies fall out, but when you have millions of customers reliant on the service you are providing you have an obligation to suck it up and sort out inter-company tiffs. Better that than rubbing your massive client base up the wrong way.

Let’s be honest, the new Apple maps app has got a long way to go and throwing in a pseudo 3D function for newer phones hardly makes up for the fact that we now have to deal with desperately low res images, patchy black and white sections, no useable street view function and failure to redraw at some zoom %’s. If you are going to make obsolete a perfectly functioning map application Apple, make certain that whatever you are replacing it with works equally as well, if not better. It feels like we are all being taken on a forced trip back in time to when having a mapping service on a phone was a big deal and that we should all just look on in awe at being able to find locations via GPS on our phone. Sorry, Apple those days are over – people now expect that and a whole lot more, like being able to see the details they were used to with their old map app now made redundant thanks to corporate pride and the apparent price of progress.

That’s a fail from me Apple – for the first time ever.



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2 responses to “Apple – What’s Going On?

  1. Tamara D.

    For the first time ever, I am not feeling so bad that I do not, (ok, cannot afford,) an iPhone. I totally agree with you. Steve Jobs would not like what’s going on.

    • bigal67

      Ha – spot on Tamara. Thankfully Google have now got their own map app back online with Apple – they gain a lot of brownie points with me for that move, esp. since they made it free. Now getting used a new and ‘imrpoved’ iTunes interface, not loving it so far.

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