A Mac Round Every Corner

Been a while since I last posted anything on the blogosphere such has been the general busy-ness of life. In fact I shouldn’t even be typing this given the workload there is. So I’ll keep it short.

I got to thinking this evening just how much the Mac is involved with so many aspects of everyday life round here. So I wondered just how many Mac gadgets I could lay my hands on and here’s the result. There’s the three iPhones, the iPad, the various iPods, the MacBook pro and the old PowerBook, the G4 iMac, the intel iMac, the old CRT iMac, the G5 and G4 towers, 30, 27 and 21 in monitors without counting the many units that have long gone since being replaced. There were also those dreadful grey boxes – the Power PC’s – that almost saw the demise of Apple – gotta be thankful that Steve Jobs came back on the scene and revived Apple’s fortunes.

So there you have it – a brief overview of just how ubiquitous the Mac in all its forms has become in the life of this particular designer. And this coming from a guy who never wanted to use a computer in the first place.


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