Stuck on You

Just a quick post showcasing a couple of new wine labels designs from the studio. Two for Langdon, a label destined for the Chinese market, featuring foiling and a tinted highbuild varnish for some understated opulence. The second was a label for Good Templar – The Shield – another Marlborough wine that will be enjoyed by The UK market. The tinted highbuild makes another appearance on the horse and its passengers within the grape vine roundel. Both great efforts by the team at Rapid Labels – thanks to print consultant Stephen and the guys on the press for doing the business once again.

Silver foil for the Pinot Gris

Gold foil for the Merlot

Good Templar Pinot Noir



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2 responses to “Stuck on You

  1. Helen Jenkins

    I cannot find a website for Lloyd’s Graphic Design, how do I contact you?

    • bigal67

      Hi Helen – seems like you found me and made contact already. I’ll flick you an email privately. Thanks for making contact.

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