Some recent work…

True to my word, and for no reason in particular, here is some recent work that has made it out into the public eye.

The first is a series of photos that show the new signage for the recently rebranded Blenheim Testing Station – a facility that tests and certifies vehicles for their road worthiness. They had no real existing brand and were needing to introduce a more cohesive, professional public persona that accurately reflected the level of expertise and service that they offer – and have been offering Blenheim drivers for decades. A strong colour palette, teamed with bold, modern typography and a typographically based icon made for a striking new look that has been catching the eye and garnering positive comments from the locals. As part of the rebranding exercise, a tagline was introduced “you’re good to go” – which both conveyed the desired end result of a visit to BTS and succinctly reaffirmed drivers for their choice in using BTS. The team at BB Signs made a terrific job of the signage and install at following the proposed signage plan, while the team at BTS made it all possible by embracing the radical change so wholeheartedly. The biggest job was no doubt the enormous repaint of the once beige exterior to the bright, fresh ‘good to go’ green – something I unreservedly take my hat off to Neil and his crew for. It’s always nice to see your concept carried out with no reservations.


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