A Perfect Promo

Those of you familiar with Lloyd’s Graphic Design will know that each Christmas is the time of our annual end of year promotion. It’s a time when I am able to explore some of my very own ideas to no other end other than to create something memorable and sometimes functional. Our 2010 giveaway took the form of a simple card game that revolved around logos designed throughout the year by Lloyd’s Graphic Design. A simple child’s game of matching logo pairs was the main project; a set of two colour cards enclosed within a custom designed and printed case made from Kraft board. The resulting game and an accompanying booklet were enclosed within a calico bag tied with matching ribbon. In addition, the cards carried two more tiers of games for recipients – one being a font matching level in one corner, and in another corner, silhouettes of various bugs for an entomological matching game.

Of course the timeframe was excruciatingly tight and the pressure to perform was entirely self inflicted, but we made it in the end with little time to spare. And the end result was certainly worth the effort. Below are posted some images of the final game. We printed two versions – one green and black and the other orange and black. We have a heap left over to make up and give away… when I find the time!

It's an open and shut case.


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