Saatchi and Saatchi on a Budget

Been a long time between innings – I know, I know… but seriously, who’s interested in what I have to say anyway? It’s not that I have nothing to show and tell, in fact quite the opposite. I’ve seriously just been far too busy to even think about blogging. What with house renovations, growing family and more work than you can poke a sharp stick at, the idea of posting my latest work and inane ramblings has not made it on to my to do list for quite some time. But better late than never as they say… although my son likes to add… ‘but better never late’. Who knows, I might post a few images of the house reno in progress and final result if you’re lucky. There will definitely be some of my latest work being posted sometime soon too.

Today I was presenting some new branding concepts to a large group for their organisation. In light of the fiscally difficult times we find ourselves in the group was comforted with the fact that this was not Saatchi and Saatchi but a local designer who has helped create a new brand to see the organisation into the next decade. Kind of  ‘Saatchi on a budget’ I began my presentation with… or a budget Saatchi. Or to put it in an abbreviated term… a Budgie.Which I actually kinda like. And if I ever rebrand, that would be a pretty cool name to hang the business hat on.

Anyway, the out tray has not been helped at all with this little diversion so I better get some paying work done and I’ll see what I can do about posting some of my favourite work from the past few months soon.


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