So You Think You’re a Designer with Only This Miserable Blog as Your Sole Online Presence?

It may seem more than a little odd for a person who calls himself a visual communicator in this day and age, to have no more than this cursory, non-flash, ultra bargain basement set up as his online shop window. Well, you’d get no argument from me… odd it is. Seems every man and his dog has got their own e-commerce site these days, and many of the dogs make for more interesting subjects than me. Not that I’m trying to make excuses – not at all. In fact, I’m kinda quietly pleased with myself, in a self-effacing way, that I have managed to maintain the last shreds of ludite-ness in this highly digitised life, refusing to bow to the expectation that as a designer you MUST have a website. My clients all have one, their children have them, my elderly relatives have them, even our gold fish have one – but not me. I stand apart, with no ‘www’ to plaster all over the place, no hyperlink to my latest work, no desperate ‘Follow me on Facebook and Twitter’ pleas. Just this bog standard, run-of-the-mill, nothing-to-write-home-about blog.

And that’s just how I like it.

See, for me, I’d rather spend all my creative efforts creating memorable and effective design solutions for my large base of loyal clients – making sure I don’t short change them in order to make sure my website, tweets and microblogs were optimised and getting enough results on Google. My clients deserve way better than that – and they get it. This ho hum website is testament to that.

To put it plainly, my work’s average so yours won’t be.

So now you know the truth. But before you write me off as some lazy half wit, who couldn’t design his way out of a paper bag, take a look around this blog. The effort I’ve put into it’s layout and construction might be average – the work showcased certainly isn’t. At least that’s what the clients tell me.

See for yourself and enjoy the trip.


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One response to “So You Think You’re a Designer with Only This Miserable Blog as Your Sole Online Presence?

  1. But your blog is a great online presence! And blogging takes a lot more effort than a brochure web site…

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