Poster Bonanza

Over the last couple of years I have been asked to create the marketing material for the Upper Clutha A & P Association (that’s ‘Agricultural and Pastoral’ to the non-kiwis reading). Each year I submit a couple or so ideas for the upcoming event for their flyers, posters and programme cover. Sadly, only one idea can ever go to print each year while the rejected concepts sit forlornly, never to be seen by the public and do what they were intended for. Until now. Below I have posted the two published concepts from the last two shows, along with the other ideas that never went further than the committee meeting. Shame, but that’s how it goes. Hope you like at least a little of what you see.

One of my favourites - but perhaps a little 'art house' for the target market

This one got the nod for the 2010 event - a natural follow up to 2009's design

I loved the old tractor... but this one was a no go

The dramatic cropping, the toy bull, the oversized ear tag... what's not to love here?

Probably still my all time fave... with it's ultra retro, circus poster influences. Would love to get this one published.

And the winner from 2009... the sheep mimicking the shepherd ticked the right boxes that year.


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