One Mind, Multiple Identities

Logo design would have to be the one thing that gives me the greatest satisfaction in my work. It’s the process of distilling a business name and what that business does down into its simplest graphic form; bringing conceptual clarity to ideas that might be otherwise difficult to visualise or quantify… that’s the beauty of a memorable identity in my mind. Sometimes it can be purely typographic, or it might be the creation of a unique icon – whatever form a new logo takes, it must, by its very nature, be the roving ambassador… the silent salesman…  the perpetual public face for the company it represents. Easily recognised, infinitely scalable, and above all, memorable.

Below are a few identities that I have had the privilege to be involved with.

Aquaculture Direct is a stylised ‘A’ comprised of multiple curved segments that represent ocean waves, open shellfish and fish tails in one simple icon. Companies involved with environmental issues are becoming more common these days, with two such businesses, Sustainable Environmental Engineering (SEE) and Barefoot having had identities created in recent months. Wool marketing association WoolFirst is another recent project – below are shown one of the unused concepts and the final, approved design. Finally, Toybox is an older logo design from some years back, but it makes the cut in this entry to represent another important attribute that any effective brand should have – that being a timeless relevance.

Fishtails, waves and shellfish inspired this multi layered concept.

Showing the proposed logo in context is an important part of the initial presentation.

The human eye and molecular structures were the reference points for the identity for SEE.

A wordmark that incorporates the logo is an opportunity that doesn't come along often.

This was one of the rejected concepts for WooFirst.

The successful WoolFirst logo - fibres that can be seen as a W flowing into an F.

Toybox - an energetic design that has lost none of its fun and immediacy over the years.


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