Christmas is Over, So Begins the Pre-Christmas Rush

We all knew the Christmas break would be over all too soon – and, as predicted, those relaxed days are now but a distant memory. And 2010 has begun with a mighty rush – back into the late nights and tight deadlines for another year. And I’m grateful for it. As for me and my crew, we had a fairly low key Christmas holiday, spent largely around home and doing the odd day trip away. One excursion took us to the DOC Reserve of Maud Island in the Pelorus Sound which was a great adventure – visiting a gannet colony and mussel farm along the way and seeing the largest weta you’ve ever seen. A trip to Nelson Lakes where the kids swam with eels in ice cold water filled a day while three days in Nelson had us cycling the great bike paths in that area and watching Toby compete in the Town and Country Swim Meet. Another 5 days were spent in Christchurch largely driving to and from the QEII pool complex as Toby competed in the Canterbury West Coast Swim Champs – qualifying for the Junior Nationals in the 400m Freestyle. The rest of the family spent the time with good friends the Greens, where we were staying for our time in Christchurch. We also managed to get a lot of the gardens tidied up after months of neglect which we must try to keep on top of better this year – yeah right.

This Christmas saw me do the usual computer updates and maintenance stuff that is so often pushed aside – upgrading the OS on numerous machines plus having a bit of fun with my new 17in MacBook Pro… which, together with the iPhone, has now become my office away from the office for the occasional long weekends we spend out of town. It is a real blessing being able to do my work, and earn a living from absolutely anywhere I happen to be and be in touch with clients no matter how far away from home I happen to be. The technology we have at our fingertips now is truly mindblowing – and heaps of fun.

The new year is always a busy time, trying to complete those projects that began before the Christmas break and the usual flurry of jobs preceding the local Wine Marlborough Festival. As for interesting work currently on the go… there’s an identity design for a French-based iPhone app developer, numerous wine label projects, marketing brochure for a high end wine producer, and logo designs for a construction firm, environmental engineer, landscaper and civil engineering firm to name but a few. No wonder I’m back into the late nights.

Just recently I was notified that some of my work was selected from over 5000 entries to be included in Rockport’s latest publication, Letterhead and Logo 11. These are a great series that I have had the privilege to be published in since vol. 8. Truly, to have your work alongside some of the world’s foremost talent in the logo and identity design field is pretty humbling and exciting all at the same time. Looking forward to getting my copy in the post soon.

Must mention my recent mountain bike accident too… which thankfully resulted in no broken bones. But two weeks on, the shoulder is still coming right after spraining the shoulder joint severely. While I know I need to do more to keep fit, I’m getting way to old to wreck my body like a 20’something year old… been there, done that, got that scars to prove it. Might have to take up knitting, or maybe ride a little more carefully. Certainly reminds you how fragile our pitiful lives are and what a thin line we walk between life and disaster. Was a salutory lesson for me not to take anything of this life for granted – the people especially – and be grateful that I know where I’m headed when my time is finally up on this planet.

Well, I better make an effort and get some more work done – this blog thing don’t pay the bills. Will try and be a little more regular in posting my latest work when I can remember. Below are some photos from our holidays. Roll on Christmas 2010 I say!

Toby with another haul of medals along with his closest fans

Heading out to Maud Island for our long day on the water

The weather started out fine - but was pretty choppy by day's end

The gannet colony along the way to Maud Island

Poor photo quality, but check out the massive weta. Enormous!

Swimming with the eels at Lake Rotoiti in arctic waters

Black swan under blue skies at Lake Rotoiti

One of our town's popular walks takes in the Wither Hills Farm Park

Linda seen on one of her favourite walks just a short distance from home


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