Brand Spotting Becomes Fashionable

Every year, with much assistance from Linda and the kids, I put together an end-of-year promotion as a thankyou to existing clients and an introduction to new clients for the upcoming year. Since we started the business we have completed 17 of these annual promotional projects – each one with a different theme, but all designed to showcase the work that is done here and give recipients an insight into my particular niche of the design world. The last 12 months being such a busy year meant that work on the 2009 promotion began A LOT later than is comfortable… so late that we came perilously close to defaulting for the first time since we began this self-inflicted madness. But thanks to the Lord for his inspiration and helping me squeeze in a few extra hours we were able to put together the Brand Spotter 2009 pack – a custom designed poster / wrapping paper, set of 4 button badges, screen printed calico carry bag and a notebook style Brand Spotter Field Guide. The underlying theme was to liken the spotting of brands and logos to the pastime of bird watching – where new identities can be catalogued and referenced much like those involved in the ornithological pursuit of previously undiscovered varieties. Much gratitude must go to the businesses that I put some unneeded end of year pressure to meet my deadline – namely Verboom for the badges, Verve Digital Printing for field guide, Jigsaw Promotions for the bags and Blenheim Print for the poster. Below are some images of the promotional items including one of Phil and a staff member from Verboom Badges that we visited in Wellington at the time they were in mid-production of our order.

If anyone out there is interested, you can purchase one of these limited edition packs by contacting me direct on Stocks are strictly limited – there were just 200 units produced with just 50 or so left. Price is just $25 plus postage each. A neatly folded or rolled example of the poster will be included as part of the package and the bag will carry three of the four badges designed.

Phil cracking the whip at Verboom as they work on our order.

The 2 colour screenprinted bag with 3 badges attached.

The 2 colour poster that doubles as wrapping paper.

Pictured above, three of the four badges fabricated by Verboom badges.

COver of the Field Guide notebook.

One of the featured brands in the Field Guide - Aquanort Pools.


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