A Real Meaty Issue.

Recently I was commissioned by a local butchery to rebrand their long standing business with a new name of their choosing and revitalise the shop as a location for the best quality meats and service in town. The new name is the Village Butchery – which immediately conjured up images of the traditional, old style local butchery – a place where a welcome smile and premium quality produce were common place. After an initial consultation, I set about producing a few varied ideas – some more traditional than others, some far more contemporary yet simple and timeless in their approach. Below are some of my initial sketches plus digital copies of the concepts that were presented to the client. Included as part of the presentation are some advertising mock ups to give the client a good idea as to how the new identity can be applied to promote the business.

VillageB115The Village Butcher1-1The Village Butcher2-6The Village Butcher3-11The Village Butchery4-16The Village Butchery5-21The Village Butchery6-26The Village Butchery7-27The Village ButcheryAd-24The Village ButcheryAd3-9The Village ButcheryAd4-14


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