Skoff it down!

Been working on developing an identity for a new brand – Skoff – a pre-made scone and cookie dough mixture. Work will eventually include labelling / packaging etc – but initially has meant brainstorming some basic ideas for the identity itself. As part of the process I almost always start with pencil and paper which is where ideas can flow so much quicker as the mind to hand process has the immediacy and urgency that working directly on the Mac can’t usually achieve. This helps me focus my thoughts and makes my time spent on the digital rendition so much more efficient and productive. Below are some of the initial sketches and then the digital versions that will be submitted to the client for consideration.

Pencil and paper are a great starting point.Basic layouts for labels are also investigated.




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  1. Cherie

    I am interested in a logo. I like the cookie with the atomic looking symbol in front with skoff on it. I am trying to start a cookie delivery/bakery company. I like aqua and retro themes. Can you tell me if this logo is available and how much would it cost for my use? I am just starting out of my home and don’t have much to spend. My email is

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