Welcome to the Lab…

Tin toys...

Tin toys...

... and lead type. Some things will always be cool.

... and lead type. Gotta love retro.

Been a long time coming, but I’ve finally made the leap into having a web presence. Being a designer and not having your own full noise, tricked-out, flash animated, double overhead cam website may seem to be a little hypocritical. After all, isn’t getting published and being seen what it’s all about? Well, true, that’s what I tell all my clients – and in business, getting your brand out there as broadly and as effectively as you can is essential. But, to be honest, I have always had more than enough work to keep me and my family clothed and fed and for me, that was all I ever wanted. Sure, it’s a tremendous blessing to love what I do as well and I thank the Lord most days that I can earn a living doing one of the few things I’ve loved doing since before I can remember. But I have always known that I could never justify having a website that would only generate more work than I could realistically handle. Let’s face it, when you’re already working most week nights until the wee small hours, how much more work can you really justify?

‘You need to employ someone – expand… take it to the next ‘level’… don’t worry I have heard it all and on the odd occasion even contemplated going ‘global’. The truth is, I have only ever loved the hands-on, physical design process and the creative drive that makes it all happen… and becoming a manager of others doing the designing was never going to work for me. So I have kept things small, nimble and design driven – not corporate-structure-sustaining. And for all that, I think my clients and my own sanity are the better for it. Besides, sleep is overrated.

So why the need to have a blog? Well, despite the fact that I have avoided the creation of my own website, I have always secretly wanted to get something up and running simply to make it easier for my existing and prospective clients to see what was going on in my little world. At heart I am always going to be a design for print kinda guy – it’s ink on paper that really spins my wheels. And I have always got mini portfolios ready to mail out to interested people, but sometimes, having something for folks to view online is just so much quicker. Of course, it’ll never replace the smell of a new brochure just off the press or the feel of a beautiful stock that’s been matte laminated with blind embossing and a touch of foil… but at least it can give a little insight into the design process here at Lloyd’s Graphic Design. And I guess that’s the beauty of the blog… it is here I can give you my 5 cents worth on the latest design trends, or my take on the swine flu haw ha or how I’ve become a dog lover against my better judgement. So sit back, relax and have a read and see what’s been getting churned out here in my one man, one wife, three kids, one dog, one cat, one guinea pig and three goldfish world.


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