Long Time No See

Well, once again I have proven just how unreliable I am at blogging. It might have something to do with simply having a busy life, both professionally and personally. But mostly I think it’s because a big part of me resents the grip this digital age has over every aspect of our lives. Perhaps avoiding a regular blog update is my small way of trying to buck this ever invasive system that continues to dictate so much of our time. Take this morning for instance… a beautiful Autumnal day outside and I spent an entirely fruitless and frustrating hour and a half going round in circles with Google accounts trying to set up 2 step authentication. A level of security that I never asked for with a Google account I never use simply so we could access our online accounting system. Aaarrghh. Where do I send the invoice for my wasted time?

But enough about me and my digital angst. The real purpose for this blog is to present the latest design projects I’ve been working on here at Lloyd Creative. In reality, if you’re just after the pretty pictures then InstagramFacebookLogopondand Dribbble are a much more direct way to see what’s been going on and a much quicker way for me to show you. And who doesn’t love speed and convenience right?

Having said that, this is still a great place to go into a little more detail and showcase design projects with maybe some more background to the end result. So I will really try and make this more regular, seriously. I know I have said that in the past and failed, but this time I mean it. I think.

One day I’d love to create beautifully crafted coffee table book with sketches, descriptions and luscious colour plates that presented the entire back catalogue of Lloyd Creative’s efforts since 1992. But who am I kidding, this blog is probably as substantial and comprehensive as it’ll ever get.

In the meantime, here’s some recent work plus a couple of older projects that have stood the test of time. For a quick showreel of some of the many hundreds of identities created here go here https://youtu.be/ZocWNZHHvTw

Recent branding completed for Claire Glenister of @consiliovita and @rowleyestatehomestead
Mood board exploration for Consilio Vita
Anniversary graphic created for Village Cycles of Nelson, NZ commemorating the year they launched which coincided with the great Irish cyclist Stephen Roche’s triple crown year, winning the Giro d’Italia, Tour de France and World Championships.
An identity created a couple years back for the super talented team @streamtime as part of their annual team building exercise in Sydney Australia. The full project included a bunch of swag from posters to team member flash cards to tee shirts to aprons and a truckload of other cool stuff. Fun project for a great company.
WoolFirst, Second to None. An identity created some time ago for a the NZ Federation of Wool Merchants. A clean, timeless brand for a product that will always stand the test of time.

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Another Year Rolls By

As we draw near to the end of yet another year, it’s dawned on me that my blog posting has not improved at all in the past 12 months. It would be fair to say I am not much of a diary keeper. There’s just so much to get on with without writing about it! Which is a pretty pathetic excuse, I know. But the realisation that it’s been over a year since my last post – which was not even close to work related – has spurred me to make at least a token gesture about uploading some of the work completed in the studio this year.

Anyway, as you’ll see below things have been pretty busy here this year. Yet more identities, brochures and packaging – the stuff that really gets my creative juices flowing. And, Lord willing, there’s more where these came from in 2017. Hard to believe it’s been nearly a quarter century since Lloyd’s Graphic Design – now going by the name Lloyd Creative – first opened its doors. That’s a lot of logos if you’re interested.

As for the coming year, I’ll make no promises about maintaining a more regular presence with my blogs. But this one thing I know, as long as the Lord gives me breath and there’s still a family to provide for, I’ll be here doing what I love for a living. And with the state the world’s in now, that’s a lot to be thankful for.


Sumptuous botanical illustrations serve as the backdrop for this boutique wine label, made from grapes grown in, you guessed it, Orchard Lane, Marlborough. A sense of history and style are hallmarks of this small volume wine.


Four years on from the original Marlborough Pinot Noir Safari, the organisers were again wanting to showcase the best of Marlborough Pinot to their guests. It was decided to maintain the traditional theme from the first edition with its aged leather effect and vintage typography.


The 2016 end of year promo from our studio this year features illustrations by my daughter Johanna. A set of 6 greeting cards each with a large calligraphic gold foil word were created. The images also formed the backdrop to the cover of the end of year work summary shown here.


Prisma Print had an established reputation for custom, limited print run, book production and was seeking to reinvigorate their brand in the market place, The resulting multi-coloured identity conveys a sense of dynamics, creativity and progress.


A new foundation was created to financially assist the Mistletoe Bay eco village in the Marlborough Sounds. The final brand symbolised both the helping hand the foundation offered and the native wood pigeon that call the Marlborough Sounds home.


Nelson companym Natural Landscape Restoration were wishing to present a vibrant, professional image to the market. The final design conveyed a deep sense of their commitment to the environment and modern approach to each project.


Streamtime was holding its annual team building get together in Sydney this year. After intensive brain storming with the CEO, the Soultime theme was established with a multitude of supporting collateral carrying the branding.


Local dentist Andrea Koorey was looking to rebrand her practice after establishing a solid reputation for excellence over many years. A strong, symbolic icon was the resulting identity.


Neil Hunt had an established reputation for quality building services in Marlborough and required an identity that reflected the professional, creative approach that he brings to every project.


Heather Jameson was looking for something a little out of the ordinary for her boutique range of teas. The name itself was quirky enough which found visual expression in a customised logotype and suitably quirky illustrations.


As a new service for landowners in Marlborough, targeted at the grape growing industry, the naming and branding of Vinaero gave the company an established identity that was professional, meaningful and memorable.


Simplicity and clarity – two of the distinguishing characteristics of the Daneunder Workwear brand, an identity that clearly references both its Danish and Kiwi connections.


The fledgling Marlborough Water Polo Club was seeking an identity that would convey a sense of place and action… Polo (Pelorus) Jack was the result.


When approached by Teamworks Pacific on behalf of Firestone / Bridgestone NZ to create an infographic outlining the broad range of tyres they supply and the specific details on each, it was decided to look at the rubber tree as a basis. The resulting graphic succinctly and graphically conveyed a lot of information with clarity and in a meaningful and memorable way.


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Le Trip of a Lifetime

During the middle of this year my wife and I along with our youngest daughter went for a 6 week trip through France, Switzerland and Italy – avoiding the worst of a very cold winter here in New Zealand and enjoying one of Europe’s hottest summers in a many decades. I could go on forever about how amazing it was – the food, the scenery, the people… truly a blessed time and a real privilege to enjoy this special trip. The highlights included our stay with dear friends Pieter and Marina with their children Maela and Silouane in Switzerland – in fact they were the reason for making the trip in the first place. Our time with them was truly memorable and their warmth, hospitality and friendship something we will never forget.

Another of the incredible experiences we enjoyed was something of a dream come true for me – two days of following the Tour de France up close in the French Alps. Fantastique! Magnifique! Ever since my teens when I first got involved in competitive cycling, the Tour de France has always been considered the pinnacle of the sport. And, despite years of drug scandals and denials, the mystique about this event is as strong as ever.

I was fortunate enough to have the use of a bike thanks to Pieter’s very kind neighbour in Switzerland which allowed me the freedom to ride some of the route of this year’s tour including the Col de la Croix de Fer and the mythical L’Alpe d’Huez. I had heard stories of these alpine climbs that last for 20 – 30 or more kilometers and to have actually ridden them was something I will never forget. To say nothing of the exhilarating ride down! Below are a couple of images from my time getting amongst it and pretending I was a teenager again.

And now that we have been and know what it’s like… we’ll be back.



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Music to the Eyes

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.14.33 PM

One of my outside interests is the support offered to Blenheim’s fledgling orchestra, the Marlborough Civic Orchestra. For two reasons – I am a sometime violinist who hasn’t played seriously for over 30 years and thought it might be good to play again in an environment where I could hide amongst other, far more talented musicians. The other is that my wife, Linda, is the conductor and one of the organisers along with a group of other super committed and talented musicians and musical enthusiasts.

Of course having your spouse involved in community organisations usually entails being the go to guy for graphics and marketing material. That being said, the orchestra being a pro-bono client, means there’s a degree of creative licence given for which I am always grateful.

Here are presented a couple of posters and graphics created for the orchestra over the last 18 months or so for concert promotions and gift cards for visiting performers and conductors.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.24.07 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.14.01 PM

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Counting Sheep

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 5.03.00 PM

If there’s something you can say about the work I do here, is that it’s varied. High end wine labels one day, eco composting toilet marketing the next…. yep, that’s variety alright. So it should come as no surprise that recently I had the privilege to work on the identity for a sheep pregnancy scanning service run by Andrew Vavasour. This is a highly specialist field and Andrew’s skills are in demand all over the country. There’s an art to getting this stuff right and miscounting can make a big difference for your average farmer. So Andrew needed an update to his brand to reflect the professionalism and degree of technological proficiency he offers his clients.

The resulting identity showcases a stylised sheep profile and scanning waves within that profile resulting in a succinct, meaningful and memorable logo.

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More Power


Electra-Tech was a new business in town, with years of long service to local businesses, especially wineries, by its owner, Bill Arnold. Bill was venturing out with the new look company and brand and seeking to build on the already strong reputation for quality and service he had generated over many years.

From an initial round of concepts, the chosen design was selected and finalised for vehicle signage, apparel, stationery and business cards. The brand focuses on a combined monogram that showcases the initials of the business forming a continuous line that represents the flow of power and electrical cable so much a part of the work.

A clean, contemporary, high impact brand was the result that has achieved high profile and cut through in the local electrical trades sector.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.51.51 AM

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Faster Internet Everywhere

Accelerate Logo final

When Brendon Price Computers approached Lloyds Graphic Design for an identity to front a new wireless internet connection they were offering, it was a matter of showcasing something we’ve become all too familiar with in a totally new and unexpected way. The concept was simple enough – use the well known wifi / wireless symbol and represent the new service called ‘Accelerate’.

When presented with 4 different alternatives the chosen design was approved, with a touch of customised typography and ready for release. Now the citizens of our town can enjoy an even quicker internet experience and Brendon Price Computers can be assured the new brand will be easily remembered and recognised as they take the new service to market.

Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 8.48.15 AM

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A Vintage Design

Wine Garden logo

Some months ago, local wine afficionado Ros Gibson approached me about creating an identity for her new venture, The Wine Garden, an exciting addition to the local wine tasting and appreciation scene. Designed for those wishing to learn more about the wine tasting experience set amongst the Gibson’s delightful rural property, The Wine Garden offers a very personal wine tasting venue and event. From blind tastings to food matching, and identifying flavours and characteristics of individual wines the experience will enhance the already world famous reputation of New Zealand’s largest and most prolific grape growing and wine producing region.

After various concepts were submitted the chosen design accurately captures the warmth of the hosts and the beauty of the natural setting of this unique activity. A hand drawn cork screw that introduces woodgrain texture and sprouting leaves conveys both the visual and taste sensations that visitors will be exposed to while the delicate serif font (Mrs Eaves and Mrs Eaves Italic) references wine’s traditions and history.

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Weeding Out the Solution

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.20.58 PM

Recently I was commissioned to create an identity for a business dedicated to reducing the amount of nuisance weeds that plague residential and commercial property owners alike. The product Weed Solutions promises to deal with problem weeds effectively while being conscious of the environment.

A simple, straight forward approach was taken by way of an initial ‘W’ that enclosed a clutch of sprouting weeds within its negative space… the visual reference being ‘we’ve got weeds covered and under control’. A short, sharp tagline added to the clarity of the identity making for a strong, iconic brand that cuts through the clutter and engages the end user with simplicity and singularity of focus.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 1.21.16 PM

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Work Sucks

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.05.25 AMWell, actually, work’s pretty amazing really. It’s been way too long between posts, but a while back, I had the opportunity and privilege to create an identity for a brilliant new service in town. The project required naming, identity and rollout of uniforms, vehicle signage, stationery and marketing collateral. The business involves removal of dead leaves and foliage from the guttering around roofs by way of an incredible, long reach, super sucky industrial vacuum cleaner. This thing is amazing, literally sucking anything and everything that might find its way into your guttering and allows the home owner to avoid the messy and often dangerous job of clearing the gutters by hand.

After preliminary designs and brainstorming, the name GutterSucker was settled upon – an name that had a great rhyming rhythm to it and said exactly what the service was. Graphically, a friendly mascot of sorts, the GutterSucker mammoth was created. This approachable identity used the welcoming tones of bright and mid green with a solid, warm typeface that combined to create an engaging, memorable, and unique name and identity that has the strong potential to be franchised nationwide.

The end result is a business that has a high public profile, easy recall for new and existing customers and a distinct brand personality in the home and property maintenance industry.

Screen Shot 2015-10-13 at 11.05.47 AM

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